PHP/Javascript code rendering bug

Lee Le
  • Lee Le

    Lee Le - 2009-04-30

    Hi, I've been using Notepadd++ for ages and it's such a good code editor.

    The only thing is there are a few php/javascript source rendering bugs:

    <script type="text/javascript"  charset=<?php $charset ?> >

    function demo() {

    var data = '';


    if there is some php codes within the <script> tag, the following javascript codes wont get displayed in javascript mode, they will be treated as normal text and thus totall in black color. This makes programmers a bit hard to read their codes.

    <!-- comment goes here -->
    var a = '<!-- -->';

    the second "-->" here will be displayed in green color which means notepadd thinks it's the closing html comment tag however it is not.

    there are still a couple of other cases which I can't remember at the moment, will comment here once I can recall them.

    Hope you guys can get this fixed in the next release, thanks :)

    • Lee Le

      Lee Le - 2009-04-30

      comment: source code rendering is quite important, espacially to some programmers who are still new, they do believe what the code editor display


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