Mang O'Loid - 2009-07-31

I'm running NPP, without installation. The problem I had is that day-to-day I run as a user-account, not an admin account, and NPP was forgetting my preferences each time I closed it.

I found the solution hidden in the help file:
"doLocalConf.xml - If present, Notepad++ will use the installation directory for all configurations. If abscent, %APPDATA% is used instead."

By default, the "doLocalConf.xml" file is present, and so NPP can't save to the installation directory because I have no permission to write there.

Remove the file by moving it to another folder, or renaming it, and NPP will now save to each user's %APPDATA% (that is: "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Notepad++"

Problem solved!