HeckRuler - 2012-10-24


So this post over at stackexchange tickled my brain. The guy describes a IDE that scales the size of the font depending on the depth of the hierarchy. So "huge files of nested statements" could be easily read.


First off, you shouldn't have huge files of nested statements. Break it out into functions or otherwise make your code more modular. But anyway, I want to do this. I could make a dirt simple demo in SDL that no-one would use and it would quickly be forgotten. Or I could incorporate it into something people use on occasion. A Notepad++ plugin for example.

So, Notepad++ community, is it possible for a plugin to selectively scale text? Could I set the font size for a block of code to be different than the font size of the code above or below it?

If this is simply impossible, I'll just go make my SDL demo. If it's doable, I'll look deeper into making plugins and grab that Visual studio template.

Thank you,