Find and Replace with Odd Char

  • Rich

    Rich - 2013-06-25

    So I have an excel sheet with over 1,000 numbers all formatted from an output from a database. All of the numbers have trailing spaces at the end of each line. I copied the column with the 1,000+ numbers so I could do a F&R and remove that space at the end of each line. After failing and not being able to find any spaces, I turned to google and everything I tried didn't work. Finally I decided to copy the space at the end of a line and do a search for it, which it found results. Apparently, its not a space but some space-like character. I don't know if it will translate by coping and pasting to this thread but below are 3 numbers with this space at the end.


    I would like to know what this character is. I know I can now just copy that space to the clipboard and do a F&R using that copied character but wanted to know how I could remove this in the future as I wasted quite a bit of time before coming to this conclusion. Is there a way I can say delete all non-number characters but retain each number on a separate line?

  • Fool4UAnyway

    Fool4UAnyway - 2013-06-25

    It is probably a tab character. You can make these white space characters visible by selecting the specific entry in one of the menus. You can also show to show all characters, including newline characters.

    A tab character will be represented by an arrow up to the next tab stop.

  • Rich

    Rich - 2013-07-10

    Perfect! thanks!


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