feature request: sorted function list

  • ingo

    ingo - 2004-10-09


    Let me start by saying that I like the editor very much.

    There is one feature which I miss: a dockable window which contains a alphabetically sorted list of functions in the currently open file.

    This would make it much easier to navigate in large files.

    You already support folding of functions, so I hope it won't be much work to integrate the building of an array containing functionnames and rows and than show functionnames in a window.

    The editor should move to the line where the corresponding function starts by clicking on the functionname in the list.

    Thanks for considering

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2004-10-28

      Why do you need that since the auto-completion feature is available?
      See :

      for more detail.


    • ingo

      ingo - 2004-10-28

      I hope i get this right. To me: pressing CTRL+Space opens a list of functions which are supported by the language of the currently opend filetype.

      Let me rephrase a little.

      I meant a list of the functions which are defined inside the currently opend file. A function can normaly be defined only once in a file, so it is hopefully easy to create an array holding startposition of the function defines in the open file and also holding the name of it.

      That array would make it easy to present a overview of the current file to the user. In addition the user could navigate to the beginning of a function by just clicking on the name of it.

      hope i didn't miss a feature...

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2004-10-30

        You get it right, ingo.

        I see now what you want. Unfortunately, I won't do this feature because it's not a generic feature (it depends on the language), and alse it needs a lot of coding effort.

        But while the plugin feature is available, maybe someone will make it available as a extension feature?



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