Add Ruby syntax highlighting please

  • The DCM

    The DCM - 2005-03-20

    I hate their aweful program for syntax highlighting and would much rather use Notepad++ :)

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-03-21

      Is there someone else who need Ruby syntax highlighting?
      if yes, please vote here.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Yes. Please add Ruby Support.

        Wonderful editor BTW!


      • Tim

        Tim - 2005-04-21

        I would vote for it. Thanks.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I need it

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I would vote for it, too. Thanks.

          • Zexxxx

            Zexxxx - 2005-07-28

            A user defined language file for Ruby is now available on the npp website. This can be used until Don officially integrates the Ruby support into npp.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      will it actually be possible to make the list of language changable?  I mean it will load the xml file on startup so I will be able to change which language it will show (such as commenting the language I don't want).

      Or say making language syntax support like API's where you just need to download the required file to the required directory.

      Thanks for the nice program.

      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2005-10-22

        Most syntaxes are hardcoded (that's how scintilla works). New languages can be added to the scintilla component because it is open source. As far as i know, nex generation of scintilla will be completely different. You can read about it on

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          sorry, I am slightly lost here.  Does npp uses scintilla component as source code highlight?

          • Don HO

            Don HO - 2005-10-24



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yes please!

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-10-19

        Ruby support will be in v3.3