line numbers don't display properly - truncated on the left

  • Matt Nowotny

    Matt Nowotny - 2013-08-02

    I have a problem with how line numbers are displayed. I am working with an XML file that has 168000 lines. The line numbers are displayed properly until I do a Fold All. At that point only the right-most 3.5 digits of the line number is displayed. The line number margin isn't resizing properly. I can change the font size for the line numbers and show slightly more or less but it still won't show all of the number. Has anyone seen this or know of a fix?

  • John Grinder

    John Grinder - 2013-08-15

    This problem is affecting me as well. I have a XML file with 35k of lines. There are 7 levels of outline and when I collapse them starting at level 7 and work my way up, when I get to level 4 the margin shrinks on the left side of the line number display cutting off the first few pixels of the left most number. When I collapse level 3, I lose the 2 left most numbers.

    I did find a similar problem report from 2006. Here is the link to that problem report:

    I tried doing a suggestion I found in its thread, but I am not sure I could implement it in the version I am now using, v6.3.2.

    Would appreciate any work arounds.

  • Neomi

    Neomi - 2013-08-15

    I made a patch that fixes this particular problem. Version 6.4.4 and later have it included.


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