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Auto Update to 6.5 lost my session

  • MrP

    MrP - 2013-10-13

    In auto-updating to 6.5 (from 6.4.5) my last session was lost.

    Even the session I saved before the update (File > Save Session...) is empty?!

    I also lose the last session when installing a new plugin via the plugin manager. After restarting, the last session is not restored.

    Preferences > MISC. > "Remember current session for next launch" is checked and the last session is normally saved and opened successfully between normal launches of the program.

  • MrP

    MrP - 2013-10-14

    I have since installed the Session Manager plugin.

    HOWEVER, after installing another plugin (FingerText), both of my Session Manager sessions were emptied!? Even the session that wasn't even current! The session files are installed on a different drive away from the Notepad++ install. I find this staggering! By "emptied" I mean the XML session file now only contains the following default XML:

        <Session activeView="0">
            <mainView activeIndex="2" />
            <subView activeIndex="0" />

    The last modified timestamp of both these files coincides to when I installed the plugin!

    I also need to reopen the Project/Workspace file that was open previously. But when I first open the workspace none of the links to the files work (red no-entry signs on the icons). Close/open Notepad++ and it works again!

    Any ideas what is going on with updating / installing plugins?

    Anyone else having similar problems?

    I have been using Npp 5.x.x on WinXP for years and never had problems like this.