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  • Zen

    Zen - 2014-06-27

    Hi there.
    I have 2 feature requests that would make using NPP much easier.
    As I am a web developer, have many large files open, much scrolling and alot of tabs.

    1) middle-click-drag should allow to scroll up or down, or sideways, the page -- just like it does in a web browser.

    2) hovering over the open file tabs and scrolling the wheel should move the tab list back and forth, just as it does in a web browser (same as clicking the [<][>] little arrow icons).

    having these fast-scroll options would allow me to navigate my files so much faster.



    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-07-01

    Hello Zen,

    • For your first point, I'm afraid it will NOT be implemented soon. See, to that purpose, the answer of Neil Hodgson ( Scintilla author ), in the Features I am unlikely to do paragraph, at the address below :


    • For your second point, Notepad++ do have this behaviour :-) Start N++ and open several files. Then, while clicking down the mouse right button, move up/down the mouse wheel => A list of all the opened files is displayed, in a light yellow background. Then, you can select your file and switch to it, as soon as you release the mouse !!

    Best Regards


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  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2014-07-02

    Hi Guy,

    Then, while clicking down the mouse right button, move up/down the mouse wheel

    I didn't know about this. Unfortunately, after trying it out I got this:

    Application got frozen, I had to kill process to restart it. So, don't try this out unless you saved all your buffers.


    Last edit: Loreia2 2014-07-02

    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-07-02

    Hi Zen and Ivan,

    Loreia2, I don't know why you got this problem ?? I usually use this way to switch between files, on my old XP SP3 laptop, without any trouble ! I just did an other try with the 6.6.6 version and with the last 5.9.8 ANSI version => Everything is OK with that two versions ?

    Just notice that I installed all these versions with the 7z archive. The 5.9.8 version is still under C:\Program files\Notepad++ of Windows XP and my Unicode versions are installed on independent folders.

    But, I agree that your advice is quite sensible



    BTW, up to now, when I displayed the list of the opened files with the CTRL + TAB shortcut, I usually hit again CTRL + TAB, again, to move down or the combination CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to move up, in the list of the opened files.

    So, I just found out an another method, that I haven't tried yet :

    • Hit the CTRL + TAB shortcut, ONCE

    • Release the TAB key, while maintaining the CTRL pressed

    • Simply use the UP and DOWN keys, instead, to move up/down, inside the list !

    • Release the CTRL key to switch to an other file

    As you can, either, click on a tab, use the Document list Panel ( Settings - Preferences - General ) or use several plugins, I think that everyone can find his preferred way of switching between files, with Notepad++ :-))

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  • Zen

    Zen - 2014-07-02

    Thanks for your reply THEVENOT Guy/guy038,
    For my second point, this is a different feature. I have already read about, and attempted to use, the rightclick scroll feature.
    If you have open 30+ files, it is even SLOWER than just clicking the arrows to scroll the tabs along.
    My feature request is to scroll the TABS themselves, sideways, exactly like firefox does when it has too many tabs open.
    This is a different function and actually allows to navigate the tabs alot faster than any other method (as I generally know where the tab is in the line, but this rightclick-scroll feature messes up the order, plus it displays the full file path [some of which are incredibly long, think NPFTP cache files] which is horrendous to read)

    I just want to mention my dislike of messing up the order is because i group relevant files together (such as all the js & css relevant to a html/php file)

    Edit 2:
    Mouse wheel panning not important? obviously this guy has never tried to scroll 3000 lines quickly. Being able to perform this fast-scroll from any point on the page, rather than being limited to using the scrollbar, is a great productivity boost.

    Last edit: Zen 2014-07-02

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