A Nasty Little Bug

Joe Bruns
  • Joe Bruns

    Joe Bruns - 2014-05-31

    Just downloaded 6.6.3 of NP++ and bug for me is still there. I am running W7 Ultimate N x64 SP1 and here goes.

    Create a text file using regular notepad. Add some data. Close and save file as test.txt. Open with NP++. Add more data. Close and save the file. Never get prompted that data has changed by NP++, which is odd since the diskette icon on button bar is non-gray, meaning it has detected that the data has been modified. Last modify does NOT change and when I open with regular notepad, changes made by NP++ are NOT there.

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  • Andreas Jonsson

    Andreas Jonsson - 2014-06-01

    This is not a bug, but a misfeature. What other editor (of whatever type: text, image, video, sound) works like this out of the box on Windows? No one. It clashes with users' expectations on how a program should work! I fear that this thing will literally drive users away from N++ en masse. It's fine to have as an option, but it must absolutely not be the default.

    To get back the normal behavior, turn off "Enable session snapshot..."


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  • William

    William - 2014-07-01

    I have a similar issue, being that notepad++ does NOT save on exit when snapshot is enabled, even if there was an edit.(just for clarification loading with notepad++ loads the snapshot not the actually file) If notepad++ is the only way you edit the files its a non issue but if you use multiple editors on the same file your bound to loose some edits.

    thanks Andreas Jonsson for the for the info if it wasn't for that info I would of never guessed as to what the fix was.

    I would consider this a bug