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  • bellyman

    bellyman - 2005-11-26

    Using N++ 3.3 WinXP Pro SP2

    So far an excellent product.  The moment I opened it and saw both file tabs and line numbers, sold me.  (Be nice to offer extensions.  I am using FireFox with TabMixPlus.  I am so use to just moving my mouse over a tab for 400ms and it auto-changes ... so tired of clicking..)

    Few problems with the CTRL-F (FIND BOX).
    1) The top right appears to be an ICON to close the window.  Yet it does nothing.  I have to hit the CLOSE button at the bottom.  If that is not the purpose of the icon, what would it be for? (should have a close icon).

    2) It is not a MODAL box.  Can someone explain why it is not? 

    The main problem I am having is that when I hit CTRL-F the find box comes up and I can type what I am looking for.  I need to ALT-TAB to another app to double check what I am searching for (might need to alt-tab several times until I have exactly what I want).  The problem is as soon as I come back the first time, I have lost focus. 

    My cursor should be exactly where I left it (in the FIND WHAT widget - same character position), while being focused on the FIND BOX itself.  Instead it focuses back to the main document.  I have to move the cursor and click somewhere in the find box to return focus.
    When I do click the find box, instead of the cursor flashing where I left it, the entire selection is highlighted (the second problem).

    I remember years ago a problem like this with Quicken in the regoister split entry.  When you use Excel and edit a value (it appears at the top), if you type 123456 and move the cursor back to between 3/4 and hit ALT-TAB and ALT-TAB back, the cursor is still sitting between 3/4 ready for your next keystroke.  That is the exact behavior I would expect to see.  (For that matter, Wordpad CTRL-F behaves as well as I would expect).

    Thanks & Cheers!

    BTW: Auto-completion page
    "screenshot" link fails.

    • bellyman

      bellyman - 2005-11-26

      Icon - yes I am running WindowBlinds.  So that explains why nothing happens - personally I think it would be nice to have a close button on the find box - just intuitive to move to the top right to close.

      As far as MODAL.  Maybe the wrong problem/wording.
      I can understand the free form mode within search/replace (I use Progress 4GL and that has something similar).

      Everyone has their loves and hates. 

      The problem I have is:
      "I leave the state of the Notepad++ .."

      I am merely suggesting that ALT-TABbing FROM and back TO should retain the same "state".  Its not because it reverts back to the Notepad++ document.
      Worse, when I click back to the find box, although the widget is properly chosen, the entire selection is highlighted.  An overlooked bug.

      If the state of the app was focused away from the find box and within the document, then ALT-TAB FROM and back should likewise put you back in that state.  That actually is the default method today.

      I was using Excel/Wordpad as examples as to the state they should be in upon ALT-TABbing back. 

      I confess I am not a programmer in that low level of Windows so I cannot say if both sides can be accomodated.

      I am just a regular user saying that I do a lot of finding and many times find myself bouncing around between "Browser" and "Notepad++". 

      I believe the way I have explained the "state" I am in (going back and forth) is a bug.  Now if ALT-TABbing doesn't allow such controls, a nice ENHANCEMENT/FEATURE REQUEST would be to have an option that would serve EITHER OR scenarios.

      From what I have seen so far it is a wonderful app - the "( [" bracket highlighting is just a lovely touch. 

      Thanks both.

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-11-26

      > Using N++ 3.3 WinXP Pro SP2
      I also use Notepad++ v3.3 on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed.

      > 1) <...>
      I didn't find any icon on my copy of Notepad++. Are you sure there is one?

      > 2) <...>
      Find and Replace dialogs are not modal and that is actualy a feature of Notepad++. You can do some searching, and you may want to do some quick changes in the places of your file that Notepad++ finds - you don't have to close the dialog, edit, then reopen the dialog again. In fact, me, personaly, i love this feature and i use it a lot.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-11-26

      No icon here either. Do you have a skinner or other addon running?

      Don has some other dialogs that have no added value being modeless but Find isn't one of them. Controlling the focus by making the dialog box modal would be a great loss. Excel and Wordpad aren't modal either. Those programs just specifically control the focus to produce the effect you want.


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