Notepad++ v3.7 Release Candidate

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2006-06-11

    Notepad++ v3.7 Release Candidate is available here :

    The main point of v3.7 is fix the Unicode bugs. There're interesting adding features either, especially HexEditor plugin, made by Jens Lorenz.

    Here're v3.7 new features and fixed bugs :

    1.  Fix UCS2 LE bug.
    2.  Fix search/replace in UTF-8 file problem.
    3.  Fix the bug to paste the EOL which is not conforme to destination document.
    4.  Add the auto-expansion capacity (reacting on the cursor position) for search feature (Ctrl+F / Ctrl+Alt+I).
    5.  Add the window (document) list feature.

    The official v3.7 will be released in 4 days, if there's no critical bug found.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you, Don.
      hope for the v3.7.

    • tom hirashima

      tom hirashima - 2006-06-15

      excellent, this is good news. thanks!