Hello ron,
you'dd better use a regular expression option to do what you want.
It's so powerful to use but a little tricky to learn. You'dd better ask you best freind Google to learn it or wikipedia "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression"

So in Npp, you can search and replace the regexp with "" i.e. nothing.

Good luck

2014-02-01 ron jan <ronnew@users.sf.net>:


I have a few large files that need adjusting. Hundreds of time I have a string that looks like this:

<a href="#" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('http://sub.domain.com/folder/folder/folder/Name Of File.htm','intel','scrollbars=no,width=950,height=600');return false">

The "Name Of File" could be anything and consist of 1 to 5 words or so with spaces.

I have tried several option as shown in this forum when I did a search, but no luck yet.

The whole line just needs to be removed, no replace, which I know how to do, if I can implement a wildcard for the "Name Of File" part.

I can do it in several steps if that makes it easier, e.g.:
"http://sub.domain.com/folder/folder/folder/Name Of File.htm" is all that need to be removed and the rest I can do separate.

Please be clear, I have no experience with wildcards.

Thanks, Ron

replace text with wildcard

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