John Hax - 2006-10-31

Most developers like monospace fonts, such as Courier, Lucida console, Consolas(new font in vista), DejaVu Sans Mono...

1. I suggest that N++ should denote monospace fonts in the fonts list (like Visual Studio 2005), so that users don't need to remember or try which are mono.

2. When use some mono fonts with mismatch font size for example Terminal in any size other than 9pt and 12pt, characters are corrupted.

3. Most CJK characters are distorted when use monospace fonts which only include latin chars. I tested Courier, Lucida Console, Dejav Sans Mono, Consolas, Andale Mono. And only Consolas in 9pt is ok.

4. N++ only support integer font size, but some CJK fonts embed bitmap fonts in XX.5 size. CJK truetype fonts will be terriable in small size, and because CJK characters are too complicated, anti-alias or hinting tech is not suitable for them. To make them display nice, windows will close anti-alias and use embed bitmap fonts in small size. For example, SimSun (Chinese 'SongTi' font, shiped with Windows chinese version) embed 6 bitmap fonts in 12px, 13px, 14px, 15px, 16px, 18px which map to 9pt, 10pt, 10.5pt, 11pt, 12pt, 13.5pt at 96DPI. So, pls support 10.5pt and 13.5pt!

5. N++ can't set font of normal text, so i need set font of Global Styles instead, but it will affect all other languages.

6. Bug: When apply font style, I need to restart N++ to disable bold, italic or underline.