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Feature Request on the multi-line tab bar

  • Zook

    Zook - 2013-01-10

    (a) an option to freeze the tabs instead of the lines switching when you activate a tab not on the bottom row

    (b) failing that, a way to re-order the tabs -- right now I can't move a tab from the bottom row to another row, because it will constantly drag it back down to the bottom row while I'm dragging it. Sometimes it will switch lines but it's chaotic. So what I have to do is switch back to single line and re-order and then switch to multi-line again.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-01-13

    This has been a feature request for a long time.

    Unfortunately, what you see is the standard behaviour for Window tabs, and there is no option to switch it off.

    One possible option could be to turn (optionally) tabs to buttons. But then what is the active tab becomes fuzzier, and it's not too obvious to make it work right either.

    Another radical route would be to implement a custom tab control. This will require a fair amount of time I'm afraid.


  • Zook

    Zook - 2013-01-15

    Right on, thanks for the response.

  • littlerbit

    littlerbit - 2013-12-23

    Here here to the tab bar reorder fixer - whatever that may be has than it is now.

  • batman42ca

    batman42ca - 2014-01-28

    Is it possible to make a change so that the single line version of the tab bar optionally wraps around instead of scrolling it with the arrows?

  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-02-08

    Microsoft, in its unfathomable wisdom, has designed the tab control this way, probably more than 15 years ago. The behaviour of the bar not scrolling in single line mode is just as hardcoded as the moving a fullline of tab when you meant to select just one.

    It is always possible to code a custom control with a bit more abilities than the stock one, it will be a project per se. So this is a long shot away.