How to compile N++ 3.6 ?

  • herlman

    herlman - 2006-06-15

    I have got SciLexer.dll using MSVC 6.0,and then when I compile npp.exe using Mingw 3.0,I got somthing wrong :

    g++ -Xlinker --subsystem -Xlinker windows -o ../bin/npp.exe winmain.o Parameters
    .o Notepad_plus.o Notepad_plus_res.o Utf8_16.o regExtDlg_res.o regExtDlg.o Plugi
    nsManager.o ScintillaEditView.o DocTabView.o FindReplaceDlg.o UserDefineDialog.o
    Printer.o UserDefineDialog_res.o GoToLineDlg.o TabBar.o ControlsTab.o ToolBar.o
    StatusBar.o ImageListSet.o FileDialog.o Splitter.o SplitterContainer.o StaticDi
    alog.o URLCtrl.o AboutDlg.o RunDlg.o trayIconControler.o shortcut.o ShortcutMapp
    er.o BabyGridWrapper.o BabyGrid.o ShortcutMapper_rc.o SysMsg.o Process.o  tinyst
    r.o tinyxml.o tinyxmlerror.o tinyxmlparser.o WordStyleDlg_rc.o WordStyleDlg.o Co
    lourPicker.o ColourPopup_rc.o ColourPopup.o -mwindows -Wl,-s -Wl,--gc-sections -
    lcomctl32 -lshlwapi -lodbc32 -lodbccp32 -Os -s
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV13PreferenceDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to `_
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV17PrintSettings2Dlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference t
    o `_ZN17PrintSettings2Dlg11run_dlgProcEjjl@16'
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV11LangMenuDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to `_ZN
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV16DefaultNewDocDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV10MarginsDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to `_ZN1
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV11SettingsDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to `_ZN
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV16PrintSettingsDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to
    winmain.o(.data$_ZTV7BarsDlg+0x3c):winmain.cpp: undefined reference to `_ZN7Bars
    make: *** [../bin/npp.exe] Error 1

    Is there anybody who can tell me,what's wrong?

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2006-06-18

      It's because makefile was not updated.

      The updated makefile comes with the release v3.7.

      However, the binary compiled with minGW crashes all the time at launch time. If you find the reason please let me know.



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