Notepad++ v3.5 Release Candidate

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2006-02-27

    Notepad++ 3.5 Release Candidate is available :

    The official release will be distributed in 4 days on SourceForge If there's no serious bug found.

    Here's the change log :
    1.  Double click on blank area to have a new document (Firefox behaviour).
    2.  Add "Set current document read only" command.
    3.  Fix the behaviour to hold the directory of closed file as current working directory.
    4.  Add "copy file name/full path/current directory to clipboard" feature.
    5.  Add an X button on upper right corner to close the current document.
    6.  Add the "incremental search" feature (Ctrl+Alt+F).
    7.  New toolbar feel & look (For the standard icons).



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the hard work.

      Is it possible to add Comment/Uncomment without selecting a block for the new version 3.5?

    • jive

      jive - 2006-02-27

      Awesome. The new icons on the toolbar are great!! Fantastic improvement!

    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2006-02-27


      I will publish a new version of Function List Plugin also. Here changelog:

      1. Docking on left side now possible
      2. Bug in commented strings are removed. Strings with comment begin (e.g. "/*") are recognised as comment begin.
      3. Function list do NOT parse the code, when it is NOT visible
      4. Changed parsing rule of 'c++'. Now destructors visible again.
      5. Changed parsing ruls of 'pascal'. Now Delphi are better supported (classes)

      Have fun

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I had forgot a feature:

        Now tooltip is available for function with braces like 'void functionName(param1, param2)'.

        The tooltip displays the parameter list of the function (param1, param2).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The print icon on the tool bar does not have a tool tip.