request: separate tab for replace in files

  • al_9x

    al_9x - 2009-12-17

    "Find all" and "replace in files" buttons are on the same tab and very close together, it's easy to click on replace by accident.  Fortunately there is an additional confirmation dialog, but still, it would be better to avoid even getting that far, because you are one click away from messing up lots of files.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2009-12-17

    Ask for this on IdeaTorrent. Perhaps a good way would be to separate the two buttons with an intervening checkbox, checked by default, that requires confirmation for Replace in files. This way, you have visual separation and optional confirmation on the same tab.


  • Fool4UAnyway

    Fool4UAnyway - 2009-12-17

    Something similar has been reported or suggested before…

    "Find in Files must not mix with Replace" (Open Discussion forum)

    My reply then was:

    \>\> "

    This is a legitimate request. The normal Find and Replace features of the standard Find/Replace dialog are also separated.

    It might be easiest and most transparent to have only two tabs in the dialog, with an additional radio group box allowing to select the source to operate on, with as choices:

    Current document

    All documents


    Of course, when Files is selected, the Directory combobox would be enabled etc. etc.

    I'm not sure if already the Find (All) feature in a single document will show a same results list as the current Find in All Documents or Find in Files feature. It would be just another nice addition. The same could be said for the Mark All feature being applied on All documents. Mark all would be disabled for Find in Files, of course.

    " <<

    I would like to add that maybe even the most efficient solution would be to have _no tabs at all_. By just creating another radio button for the Operation (Find or Replace) all functionality could be enabled and available on one single tab or form. Of course, depending on the way (shortcut keycombination) you open the dialog, the correct settings would be chosen.



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