Text indentation/layout

  • David Bailey

    David Bailey - 2014-04-25

    I really like the plugin called UniversalIndentGUI, which I use to indent C/C++ and Java code. My only problem is that sometimes it double spaces some or all of the output! I have tried to figure out what feature of a file triggers this bug, but I can't see an obvious cause.

    I just wonder if anyone else has hit this problem, and can tell me how to avoid it.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-05-17

    As you may know, UniversalIndentGUI has moved to being an autonomous application rather than a plugin for N++. The plugin is a bit old now, and bugs may have been fixed ever since.

    If you can post an offending file it would help.
    Did you try to contact the authrors of the plugin?


  • David Bailey

    David Bailey - 2014-05-21


    Thanks for the reply, I hadn't realised that this plugin had become an independent application - I will check into that.

    It really isn't possible to present a small example, the double spacing seems to turn on rather randomly in largish files of source code! I'll try to remember to post an example if it happens again, but if I move on to the stand alone application, this may not happen.



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