Notepad++ v3.2 Release Candidate is available

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2005-08-28

    Notepad++ 3.2 Release Candidate is available here :

    The official release will be distributed in 48 hours on SourceForge If there's no serious bug found.

    Here's the change log :

    1.  Change the behaviour for nativeLang.xml : nativeLang.xml which in the application directoy will be loaded as the absence of %AppData%\Notepad++\nativeLang.xml.
    2.  Support XP visual style.
    3.  Fix replace all + direction up bug.
    4.  Fix the bug that scrolls down one line as launching Notepad++ to open a file (double click).
    5.  Fix the view shift bug while swiching back (finally!!!).
    6.  Fix the bug of failing to open the files (by using context menu or double click) with some "special" file names.
    7.  Add "open the last session's files" feature (optional).
    8.  Support the project file (save session and load session)
    9.  Fix the memory leak problem (Yes!).
    10. Change the interface of Styler Configurator.
    11. Fix the bug that open muli-instance of Notepad++ while opening several files at the first launch.
    12. The extensions of User Defined Languages can override the ones of supported languages now.



    • Greg Bullock

      Greg Bullock - 2005-09-03

      I see that the File Save As dialog opens in the current file's folder.  Thanks!

      The dialog does not get prepopulated with the current file name -- it gets the folder, but not the name.  I don't know if that is intended or if that's a result of a bug that was in the first set of code I sent you for this purpose.  (Either way is OK with me; I prefer that both get prepopulated, but the folder is by far the most important of the two). 

      If the file name is missing because of the bug (not by intent), then please note that I sent some follow-up code to correct that bug -- I had to remove a "-1" from the copy statements:

      initialDir[path.copy(initialDir, delimiter)] = '\0';
      if (delimiter < path.length())
        _fileName[path.copy(_fileName, std::string::npos, delimiter)] = '\0';


    • Daniel Rothmaler


      nice work, but while overworking the german translation I noticed some small localization-related things:
      In the "Style Configurator"-dialog there is a string "Attention : The definition of........".
      I can translate the string and it is shown if you open the dialog the first time, but after a click on another style - on the left side - it's overridden by an english (hardcoded?) string; and this colored string seems to be underlayed by a second black string, but this is longer than the colored one.

      And a second thing:
      Would it be possible to store the scroll-possition of the files with the session data? This would make this new feature perfect for me... :-)

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-08-30

        > it's overridden by an english (hardcoded?) string

        It's not hardcoded. That's because the string is retrieved BEFORE the window text gets translated.
        It'll be fixed in the v3.2 official released.

        > Would it be possible to store the scroll-possition of the files with the session data?

        I did try to do so (believe me), for the unknown reason, I didn't success to restore fold state and scroll position.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is no news in the site ? And there's no download on sourceforge that I see...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Reproduction guide:

      1. Start N++ right after instalation.
         It has one default view with some file.
      2. Right-click on tab and select "Go to another view"
         Got error screen.

      1. Open a file in N++
      2. Right-click on tab and select "Clone view"
      3. Go to new view, close it right-clicking on tab and selecting "Close me"
         Got error screen.

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-09-03

        It's a bug.

        It'll be fixed in v3.2 official release.