Marc Kupper - 2013-12-19

I tend to use the keyboard over the mouse. Sometimes I'll do Ctrl-Tab which brings up the change-window which has list of windows (tabs). I then realize I don't want to switch. At present Notepad++ does not have a "bail out" option from the change-window box.

At present when you do Ctrl-Tab and hold the Ctrl key down the following keys are active:
Tab goes down one line and wraps from the bottom to the top.
Shift-Tab goes up one line and wraps from top to bottom.
The down/up arrow keys work like Tab and Shift-Tab.
When the Ctrl key is released window-change closes and the line last highlighted becomes the active window.

The feature request is to add support for the following:
'Home' goes to the top of the list.
'End' goes to the bottom of the list.
'Left' and 'Right' arrow work like Up/Down arrow keys.
'Enter' and 'Space' would work like releasing Ctrl and would select the highlighted window.
Any other key would cancel the change-window and close the box.
Loosing focus would cancel the change-window and close the box.

The last item about loosing focus gets around an awkward issue where if someone does Ctrl-Tab to open the window, realizes they did not want to change windows and presses ESC (while still holding Ctrl down) that the Windows [Start] menu comes up. The change-window box is still up. If you change the active application back to Notepad++ it's shifting the focus to something (I'm not sure what, but it's not the main app nor the change-window box). The only ways to regain control of Notepad++ are Ctrl-Tab which switches focus to the change-window box or to click on the change-window box with a mouse which causes the line you clicked up to become highlighted, the window closes, and that line is the active tab.