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How to preserve highlighting/style tokens

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins - 2012-07-25

    I love how Notepad++ lets me highlight certain words and apply a style to them.
    However, when I went to open the file up again i was aghast that all the styles I had applied were gone!
    Also, it only lets me save as text which is probably the problem.
    Is there any way to preserve what I define as a style token so the next time I bring it up all the words I highlighted stand out again?

  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-07-29

    Saving styling information entails saving data in a proprietary format to the file it concerns. This is the border that separates text editors as Notepad++ from word processors.
    You can vote for the coresponding idea on IdeaTorrent. A session file could be the way to store such information - after all it already stores bookmarks. In theory, it could be done; I'm a bit afraid of the performance cost on starting up Notepad++ from its last session witth a dozen files with saved stylings…


  • M1.SenCheR

    M1.SenCheR - 2012-09-27

    Hi All,

    I have the same problem. I need to organize large log files and when I close them all "style token" data is lost.
    The only way in my case is not to shut down PC and use hibernate.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-10-21

    One extra trick: if the styling applies to a limited set of keywords, you can use an UDL to style them,. In that case, you configure the searched keywords and the styling from the UDL panel. It's a hack, but may be useful.