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VBScript Output

  • Paul Churchill

    Paul Churchill - 2013-02-04

    How to I send the output of a vbscript, run from Notepad++, to a .txt file? I'm moving from using UltraEdit to Notepad++ and can't figure out how to configure this. I'm running a vbscript that goes through each machine in the domain and searches for a specific file. When it finds the specified file, using Notepad++, it puts up a window to hit OK on. I'd like it to write the output to a .txt file like I had configured in UltraEdit. Please let me know how to accomplish this. Thanks...

  • Eugen Kremer

    Eugen Kremer - 2013-02-04

    Hello Paul,

    1. how do you run vbscript from Notepad++?
    2. how do you find specified file, using Notepad++?

    I have developed a plugin called jN for Notepad++, that lets you run JScript from. It uses Microsoft Scripting Engine like Windows Scripting it does.

    There are a lot of examples:
    1. working with menu, short keys
    2. working with activex