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Can I create a shortcut to run IDLE?

  • John

    John - 2012-02-28

    If I have a Python file open, is it possible to create a shortcut that will save the file and then run the file with IDLE? Currently I have the Python plugin and I have it set to run the open script when I press F5, with the output displayed in the console at the bottom of the N++ window, but since it uses Python 2.7, it doesn't always work as expected.

    So I'd either like to be able to update this to 3.0, or create a shortcut to run the open file in IDLE.


  • jdjdjd

    jdjdjd - 2012-03-20

    You can do this with the NPP_EXEC plugin.

    After installing the plugin, press F6 and create a script that looks like this:

    <put full path to IDLE here> "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

    Once you have this working, save the script.  To assign this to a key, restart Notepad++ and go to
    Shortcut Mapper > Plugins, locate your script, and then assign a key.