Andrzej Kmicic - 2011-05-14

To write the documentation certainly be useful to the script. Write text in Notepad + + by using markup syntax and run the script that will quickly convert the text to the appropriate HTML code.
How do I explain it step by step:
1. from download the PHP script or script 1.0.1n Markdown PHP Markdown Extra 1.2.4 and open the script in Notepad++.
2. at the end of the script we add two lines:

 $txt = sciGetText (); 
 echo markdown($txt);

3. From the Plugin menu select PHP Script->Script Repository.
4. In the edit tab, press the "+" (Insert Record) and add a new entry like "Markdown Extra", The New Document, Any description and hit the "v" (Post edit).
5. In the "Select" tab, highlight the this new position and the bottom of the form select the "Script Text" TAB.
6. Press "Store Script" script markup to introduce additions, two lines of code.
7. Done, now writing such documentation and by using the markup syntax that you can always run the script with the "Run Script" and in a new window will be converted to HTML, our text.

Wojtek Jarzecki