Order lines by lengths

  • fb16

    fb16 - 2012-10-23

    Hello all,
    I managed to write the following script, to sort lines by their lengths. Since I know almost nothing about python, I'm pretty sure that it's not the better way to do that. Anyway, since it works for my purposes, I thought it could be useful also to others. Notice that it also removes duplicates. If you think it could be improved or you know a better way to do that, don't hesitate to post your solution here. Thank you, fb16

    lista = {} # create a new dictionary
    if editor.getSelText(): # grab the lines
        linee = editor.getSelText().splitlines()
        linee = editor.getText().splitlines()
    num   = len(linee) # count them
    for x in range( 0, num ): # for each line
        linea = linee[x].rstrip('\r\n ') # remove spaces
        if linea: # if not blank
            if linea not in lista: # if not in the dictionary yet
                lista[linea]=len(linea) # add it to the dictionary as "string: len(string)"
            else: # otherwise...
                continue # do nothing
        else: #otherwise
            continue # do nothing
    editor.clearAll() # wipe lines in editor
    for key, value in reversed(sorted(lista.items(), key=lambda (k,v): (v,k))): # for each key pair in the reversed/sorted dictionary
        # print "%s: %s" % (key, value)
        print(key) # print the key
  • fb16

    fb16 - 2012-10-23

    To deal also with special characters lengths, please change the line above:

    lista[linea]=len(linea) # add it to the dictionary as "string: len(string)"

    with this:

    lista[linea]=len(linea.decode('utf-8')) # add it to the dictionary as "string: len(string)" (thanks for the decode hint to know the exact length of strings with special chars, to: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/a/2247236)


  • Rufus V. Smith

    Rufus V. Smith - 2014-09-10

    There's a lot of work here that isn't necessary. to sort a list of lines by length all you need is:

    sorted_lines = sorted(list_of_lines, reverse=True, key=lambda x: len(x))

    (maybe this wasn't available in 2012?)

    I Love Python!!!