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1.2 Released

"Klingon software isn't 'released', it ESCAPES leaving a bloody trail of QA people behind it."

Support for the beefier n52 has been around for a while in CVS, along with numerous other goodies. Is about time to package it up properly and release it.

Posted by Paul Bohme 2005-08-14

n52 Mouse Wheel

The n52 has a wheel that behaves (and maps into the system) very much like a mouse wheel. It has notches when rotated forward and back, and you can press down on it. As of this morning, code was put into cvs to allow you to map your usual functionalities to the wheel as well. Enjoy, as always please post comments/problems/questions to the forums.

Posted by Paul Bohme 2004-08-26

"**** me, he cleared it!"

Working on preparations for a new release, that includes a system tray icon - using the specs - and support for the n52 device. If anyone is good at building RPMs (am a Gentoo geek, personally) I'd love to have a spec file for what's in CVS magically appear.. ;-)

Posted by Paul Bohme 2004-07-23

"Aah! He got me.."

It has come to our attention that one of the libraries we use (SCEW) has introduced a new version that breaks the nostromo tools. When downloading/building version 1.1.b of the tools, please be sure to use SCEW 0.3.1, available from the SCEW Savannah project at in the downloads section.

Posted by Paul Bohme 2004-04-26

"Hair on fire"

OK, improvements are in to make the n50 daemon play better with other USB input devices (finally got a USB mouse to muck about with) so things there should be much better. Still a few bits in there that may need a bit of tweaking, but newly added configurability will make that much easier, should it be necessary.
Fire it up and lemme know what you think.

Posted by Paul Bohme 2003-09-14

"I'm not dead yet!"

Now that there's a GUI and such to make configuration friendlier, there's really not much left to do (OK, throttle wheel support when the need is pressing).. Unless something that's really broken is found, these sources probably won't need much updating. Emails are always answered and such, but idleness here doesn't indicate a dead project - just one that's out doing its job while I'm playing NWN.. ;-)

Posted by Paul Bohme 2003-08-10