#3 Timer / Counter

Michael W

First off, bravo on the excelent work thus far.

My request: (Winamp v5.03 Plugin v2.3 / Win2K)

I know that NES songs often repeated several times, if
not indefinitely, in the games, but the winamp timer
just keeps going up as a song repeats indefinitely; for
some songs it's hard to tell when it has repeated.
Calculating play times for each track to enable the
countdown timer would be ideal, but I don't know how
that could work, given that many songs are just
multiple repeats of short segments and don't have an
"end" per say.

My suggestion is that it would be handy to have the
timer restart when a song starts the repeat, like it
restarts when a new track is started. Thus, when one of
the tracks starts to repeat, you can move on knowing
that you've heard the whole thing or just keep
listening while being able to track repeats.

I know this revised timer wouldn't account for parts
of a track that are not repeated, but the current
system really just times how long the track has been
playing regardless of the music. Having a specific time
referenced to the music would be useful for descriptive
purposes as well e.g. "I like the crescendo at 1:37".
While you could get times like that from the first
playthrough before a repeat, you can't watch for 1:37
to come up again if the timer goes to infinity. I hope
this is not too dificult to implement.

Again, bravo on the work, sorry for the long post. NES
music was the soundtrack of my childhood.


  • Matthew Strait

    Matthew Strait - 2005-03-23
    • labels: 473618 --> winamp plugin
  • Matthew Strait

    Matthew Strait - 2005-09-14

    Logged In: YES

    Well, the Linux version has at least most of what you want.
    It can calculate the length of the song loop and play a
    certain number of loops. It also displays the time it's at,
    although it does not reset for the beginning of each loop.

    I don't develop the Windows versions, because I'm not a
    Windows user...


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