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No more news will be posted at SourceForge. Please check our website or its RSS feed.

Posted by David Maher 2004-02-25


I've switched from the BSD License to the zlib/libpng License because I like it better. I may write my own later. Deal with it.

Posted by David Maher 2004-02-17

No Name MAME 0.78.11

Mainly just updated to the MAME 0.78 source (yes, I know MAME 0.79 is out now), but I also added the protection fix for Sonic. I have lost the ability to compile the DOS version, if you are willing to do this for me for each release, please contact me. Also, if you want to lend a hand keeping No Name MAME up to date and adding additional features, let me know, I could use some help. My e-mail address is .

Posted by David Maher 2004-02-07

No Name MAME 0.76u1.10

Not a very big update. Mainly just going to the new MAME source.

Posted by David Maher 2003-10-26

ASCII Pong Found and Uploaded

I've finally found, compiled, and uploaded ASCII Pong. I may update it again later, but I'll have to figure out what I did first. It's been over a year since I've seen that code, and I no longer program in C++.

Posted by David Maher 2003-10-20

Welcome Vladimir!

I'd like to welcome Vladmir to No Name Development. He was fixing all the CRCs for No Name MAME anyways.

Posted by David Maher 2003-10-19

No Name MAME 0.75u1.10

Mostly just updating to the new MAME source and some house cleaning things. Lots more to do still though.

Posted by David Maher 2003-10-16

No Name MAME 0.74u2.09

Next version of No Name MAME. Not as many changes as I'd like, but I've been too busy to work on features (largely because of my job). The next version will hopefully be more featureful. ;-)

Posted by David Maher 2003-10-08

No Name MAME 0.74u1.08

The new version of No Name MAME (finally). I've had some versions ready for a while, but couldn't release them because my server died. Now that my SourceForge account was (finally) approved, I can release it. Its a little messy (I commented over 20 lines out without really checking what they were), but it works.

Changes in this version:
- Updated to MAME 0.74u1 source code
- Now using the folders from the MAME32 0.74
- Further graphical customization of MAME32 version (Thanks Curt Grymala)
- Added Controls folder to MAME32 (from hooded_paladin, old and outdated though)
- Fixed SirPoonga's -skip_baddumps
- Screwed up Analog+ parts inptport.c during MAME source upgrade, commented out lines so it would compile

Posted by David Maher 2003-09-27

Moving in to SourceForge

Well, my SourceForge account was finally approved, and I'm moving in. I'm currently working on getting all old releases online, then I'll recompile No Name MAME 0.74u1.08 and upload it.

Posted by David Maher 2003-09-26