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CVS now fully online

The CVS tree is now fully online: modules include nomadii and libnomadii (ignore nomadII-utils - this will go away shortly).

Posted by Tom Mander 2002-05-06

libnomadii 0.82 released

The library has been split off from nomadii (was nomadII-utils) and put into its own package.

Posted by Tom Mander 2002-05-06

nomadii 0.82 released

Minor enhancements over 0.8: main reason for release is the split of the library into a separate package, libnomadii.

Posted by Tom Mander 2002-05-06

0.7pre4 released

nomadII-utils-0.7pre4 & nomadII-driver-0.7pre4 are here
Support for nomadII MG & IIc has been added.
For a complete list of changes, please see the Changelog.

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2002-02-26

nomadII-utils-0.7 released

New features:
* Command line interface (options/arguments)
* Man page
* Internal miscellaneous options

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2001-07-20

NomadII-utils 0.6 releases

Added command history and parameter completion
Added lcd command

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2001-03-17

nomadII-utils 0.5-5 released

Grab it. It has some new features.

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2001-03-13

NomadII Transfers are working !!!

Grab release 0.5 of nomadII utils and give it a try.
It uses usbdevfs. You don't need the driver anymore

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2001-03-11

Release 0.3 of nomadII-driver is out

Added support for NOMAD II MG
Updated source for 2.4.x compatibility
Some other little fixes

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2001-01-12

New release of nomadii-utils

* format flash memory
* get/set radio presets
* get/set device clock
* set owner name

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2000-11-15

NomadII-utils first release

I have uploaded the first release of the nomadII-utils package.
This is a *only* a test version.
Give it a try and if you want, send some feedback.
Soon it will be another release with some added functionality.
Greetings, Gomita

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2000-11-03

Nomad II Driver Initial Release

Initial release of Nomad II driver is here. Go to the download section in the project. Test it.....

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2000-07-11

Nomad II Homepage is born...

Of course, it is under heavy construction, but someday is going to be finished.

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2000-06-24

Nomad II Linux Driver Project Started

I have started the project for making a Linux USB Driver (Kernel 2.4) for the Creative MP3 Portable Player Nomad II

Posted by Gabriel Gomiz 2000-06-21

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