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Noise++ 0.1 released

Big changelog since last release:
- fixed perlin module getter function name
- added editor
- added select and turbulence module
- added scale parameter to perlin, billow and ridged-multi module
- removed module dimension specialization. there is now only one module class for each module type
- added module IDs
- added validators to curve and terrace editor modules
- made Pipeline::addJob thread safe
- added streams, reader and writer to noise utils and an export function to the editor
- added some noise utils (image, system, renderer)
- added tree loop validator
- added new example and Code::Blocks project files
- improved comparision example
- added exceptions
- added plane builder
- added missing header to Thread++ include file
- added premake files
- added editor BMP export function and BuilderCallback class
- improved documentation, added job queue, improved editor BMP export
- added getElementID and getElementPtr function to pipeline
- switched to 2-clause BSD license
I opened a wiki( ) with and build instructions and tutorials.
The editor is not yet done and bugfree, but it is in a state you can use it.

Posted by kickin_bear 2008-06-22

Noise++ 0.0.3 released

Noise++ is a very well optimized coherent noise-generating library written in C++.

- coherent noise modules (perlin noise, ridged-multifractal, ...)
- value transformation modules (addition, multipy, ...)
- selection module
- coordinate transformation modules (scale, transform, turbulence, ...)
- 1D, 2D and 3D versions of all modules
- supports single and double precision
- very well optimized (much faster than other libraries - check the comparision demo with libnoise: optimized for dual core machines)
- supports multi-threading
- all 3D and most 2D noise generation modules produce the same output than the corresponding libnoise modules... read more

Posted by kickin_bear 2008-05-11

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