Automatically exclude files on local HDD

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    No Autorun locks autoexec.bat plus some other bat files of my creation on my system HDD at startup. How can I tell it not to (with an exception feature like you find in antivirus programs)? It does that only as from version 1.1.23.

  • Qiyi Caitian

    Qiyi Caitian - 2010-11-08

    In version, there is a new option "Scan all disks at start" in config window. Deselect it will solve your problem.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks so much!!!

  • eyael

    eyael - 2012-03-30

    I use Paragon Backup to create backup images of my system partition. I can then mount these images as virtual partitions and NoAutoruns locks autoexec.bat
    Could you add an option or something to prevent that? I cannot unmount my image after NoAutoruns has locked it so I need to use another tool called "Unlocker" which becomes a bit complicated. Great program in spite of that.


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