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Pending release

Due to a bug in the sourceforge release system, I am unable to fully release No!Spam V1.7.0.

In the new version there have been a lot of changes, here is run down of some of it.

=- Performance enhancments - Changes have been made to cut execution time down. While eggdrop and No!Spam specific benchmarks have not been made, some of the changes have shown to shave 1/3 of the time to execute.

=- Kick messages - Kick messages where not being passed when using no.spam.leaf.tcl. This has been rectified.

=- New $spam-len setting - In previous versions, there was a hardcoded minimum numbers of leters required before no!spam would kick in. You can now change this with this setting.

Notifications will be made when downloads are re-enabled again.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-05

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