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No!Spam eggdrop spam detection / News: Recent posts

Development to restart

After hiding in a corner for 9 month, trying to hide fromthe No!Spam users, it will soon be time for me to get uo and do some work on the script.

Believe it or not, my lack of interest has been to work, social life (my family wouldn't say so) and mainly, lack of computing facilities.

While I slave over 2 keyboards in my own office, and 30 more over the entire country (using little more than the trains that like to crash here in the UK), from 8:45am to 5:15pm (wow, that long, I barly managed 2 hours, 3 times a week when No!Spam was in full swing). These are work computers, and they fall under the catagory "Not to be used for personal work" (though I couldn't find a "not to be used for personal porn" clause).... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2002-09-30

Kick bugs and debug script

On the 14th Jan 2002 alone, there where 37 downloads. Yet I ahve not seen any reports of bugs, which is good.

I have been informed of a bug, but as of yet, do not have the ability to confirm it.

I must stress, that unless you the users report bugs, there will never be a fully operational copy of No!Spam available again. Not because I would abandon it, but due to lack of reports and helpful information.... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2002-01-17

1.7.2 Released

1.7.2 has now been released.

Some of you may have noticed the beta versions abailable, and some of you may have been using them. This version is very simalar to these versions, with some minor updates.

The no.spam.un.tcl uninstall script has been updated, and should do the task it was originaly intended to do.

Thanks to my beta testers, and people with ideas. A big thanks to yourname, for findint the big bug that meant such a long time between releases.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2002-01-14

Bug reports

As of this moment, I now have time to work on No-Spam again.

I have changed all bug reports to pending, so to remove them for most display screens.

I would ask you now to submit clear reports of bugs you have found. Please include a discription, the error eggdrop creates (if there is one), an example of how to reproduce the problem and any other details you deem fit.

I ahve had many personal e-mails, and mails to the mailing list (which is moderated, none actualy get sent out), stating when are you going to fix such and such.... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-09-06

Wohoo, it's here

1.7.1 is finaly here after sitting on my computer awaiting release for over 2 weeks now (it may even be 3).

Due to a lack of time in this time, I was unable to release the files (that or I was drunk, take your pick).

Thanks to wreck for nagging me over 2 weeks ago and yourname for some encoraging moaning (told ya it would be available).

Sorry once again.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-31

1.7.1 release date

I am happy to announce that Friday 20th July 2001 will see the release of No!Spam 1.7.1.

This version will see many bug fixes, as 1.7.0 had a major overhaul, yet some bugs remained un-detected.

Keep sending feature sugestions to the board, thanks.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-18

Download old & new

No!Spam.tcl dating back to the 1.3 releases are now available to download both on the no-spam downloads section and the no-spam mirror at

There has been a re-structuring of the download mirror, this allows for easier viewing, and, genraly looks a whole lot nicer.

We may soon have a FTP archive available again, but I can't gurentee this. If we do receive this kind support of an FTP mirror, it should remain a stable release center for some time.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-11

Versions survey

I have placed a survey online, to get a basic idea of who is using what version of eggdrop.

Due to some feature requests that have been seen, some of them have had to be turned down, due to the fact that not all eggdrops would support no=spam fromt hat point.

To try and get a better idea, and, tell if we should allow support for some of the requests sent to us, we have placed a survey up, to see who is using thw required version of eggdrop to do the task.... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-10

Release confirmed

1.7.0 Final has now been released.

Due to the problem I was experiencing while releaseing No!Spam yesterday, the release time had to be delayed ( ).

The release has now been confirmed and the mailing lists have been informed.

Due to changes that Sourceforge is about to put in place, the anonymous FTP server wil remain inactive from new releases from now on. I hope to re-introduce FTP download services in the near future. If you would like to contribute to No!Spam by providing anonymous FTP access, please contact me at

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-06

Pending release

Due to a bug in the sourceforge release system, I am unable to fully release No!Spam V1.7.0.

In the new version there have been a lot of changes, here is run down of some of it.

=- Performance enhancments - Changes have been made to cut execution time down. While eggdrop and No!Spam specific benchmarks have not been made, some of the changes have shown to shave 1/3 of the time to execute.

=- Kick messages - Kick messages where not being passed when using no.spam.leaf.tcl. This has been rectified.... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-07-05

Small error in 1.7.0b2

There was a small error in version 1.7.0b2, that caused a large problem.

All download sites have now been updated, and the bug has been closed.

All versions of no.spam1.7.0b2 should be deleted, as they will not load, unless chages are made.

Thanks for the quick feedback ont his bug.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-06-18

1.7.0b now available

Beta 1.7.0 is now available. With thanks to wreck for the big effort on this version.

We are stll looking for ideas for No!Spam, so please keep submitting them.

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-06-13

Welcome to No!Spam

With version 1.6.3 having just been released, I will be concentrating my efforts on new features, bugs and restructuring the script to re-use as many components as possible.

Other tasks currently on the board:
addons - including:
Remote kicking - for when the bot is deoped
MySQL database - loading spam details from a DB rather than file

There was one problem with the release of 1.6.3, the version numbers where not changed, so you may note that the log message reflects the script as version 1.6.2. Not to worry, it doesn't effect the scripts internal functions, it's just a minor decumentation error. It has been fixed and the updated version can be downloaded via the CVS server.... read more

Posted by Philip Richardson 2001-04-06