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nnewz 0.5

Now with autotools installation should be easier. Major speed improvements, and of course there were several bug fixes.

Posted by Nuno Marques 2007-02-25

Version 0.4

RSS Feed support
HTML & Images support

Windows support broken. Linux only for now.

Posted by Nuno Marques 2007-01-10

Release 0.3

Version 0.3
* Sending posts
* Identities for sending posts
* Group search possible (well... kind of)
* SQLite dropped, XML and text files are much faster
* Name changed
* Added localization capabilities
* Added Portuguese translation
* Many bug fixes

Posted by Nuno Marques 2006-11-26

new release

Many bugfixes and other improvements.

Posted by Nuno Marques 2006-08-13

nnews first release

The first release of nnews!

Works... kind of...

Posted by Nuno Marques 2006-07-09