Thank you for the information, however it doesn't answer my question. I need to write am html file that asks for a specific location and depending on that location sends the recipient email address. I can't put a specific address is the hidden field, because it is not known until the individual completing the form enters it. Is there a way to have the field populated under a function? 
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>>> 9/25/2006 11:34:17 AM >>>
On 9/25/06, taz <> wrote:
> I have created a form and have the action sent to mailscript.cgi. In the form
> I have a drop down box with options. Depending on the option they choose the
> email should be sent to a specific individual. I have a function with a case
> statement that is invoked with an onBlur statement in the select option. The
> function is below:
> <!--
> function getLoc() {
>   var loc
>     Select Case (loc)
>          Case "0"
>           loc = ""
>          Case "1"
>           loc = ""
>          Case "2"
>           loc = ""
>         End Select
> = loc;
> }
> //-->
> is set to the correct email address. Why
> doesn't it like this function? Is there a different way to have the
> recipient field populated based on the choice?

Use the method outlined in EXAMPLE 4 of the EXAMPLES file, which is
bundled with the NMS FormMail program. Reading EXAMPLE 3 first might
be a good idea. If you need to download the program and documentation
again, you can do so at the NMS SourceForge page:


> I am not to familiar with cgi scripts.
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