Hi. I like the guestbook script, and I was interested in using it on my site, but I have had little success in doing so. I have my site hosted by tripod, and they require you to put certain files into your cgi-bin directory, which I did. I put everything else where it needed to be, and I have even looked at another person’s old tripod hosted guestbook. It seems as though I have done everything the same… even when I try to just run the guestbook.pl file by itself, this comes up:


It looks like there was an error:
There was a problem (Can't determine member cgi root dir, cwd: /web/memberland-sni-netapp2/A/_pages/s/x/akastixx/cgi-bin, error: No such file or directory) with the cgi server. Please hit Reload and try again. If the problem persists, please let us know at membership@tripod.com. Thanks!


It is different than the other 404 message pages tripod puts up, so I am thinking it has something with the guestbook.pl file I just don’t know what. I have tried everything except for changing the permissions, because tripod will not allow you to, and it says that files in the cgi-bin directory will automatically be changed. I’d appreciate any help regarding this matter. Thanks