I downloaded the nms Image Counter and made changes to the icounter.pl as follows:
my $data_dir = '/www/e/ezinesupreme/cgi-bin/data/';
my $digit_url = '/www/e/ezinesupreme/cgi-bin/digits/';
my $digit_ext = '.gif';
my @valid_uri = ('/');
my @invalid_uri = ();
my $auto_create = 1;
my $ssi_emit_cgi_headers = 1;
my @no_header_servers = qw(Xitami);
I uploaded the icounter.pl file to my cgi-bin directory. I then uploaded all of the digit files to my cgi-bin/digits directory. In my index.shtml file I have the following line:
<!-- #exec cgi="/www/e/ezinesupreme/cgi-bin/icounter.pl"-->
When I go top my web site (www.ezinesupreme.com) it seems to keep track of the users viewing my site. However, looking at the bottom of my website, where I put the execute cgi line, it displays a red X and then the number. For example if the counter is up to 15 you would see X1 X5 where th X's are red. What is wrong and how can I fix this?