Thanks Nick.  Might be difficult to find as good a script as yours.  I tried using the SMTP relay but got the following error.  I used the same address as the SMTP server I use for sending mail.  Does setting up a SMTP relay differ from the 'normal' SMTP server as used in any mail client ? 

Application Error
An error has occurred in the program
connect to []: Invalid argument at (eval 8) line 70.

At 30 12 2003 Tuesday 15:00, Nick Cleaton wrote:
On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 05:10:15PM +0000, Eugene Gardner wrote:
> Hi
> My ISP has dictated that:
> "Within the script, the mail program used for sending mail is
> /usr/lib/sendmail . You should not use this with the -t argument (which
> find the From and To in the email) but use -f 'from-email-address'
> 'to-email-address' in place of the -t argument."
> Would you please help me identify what needs to change to enable this.

It's no trivial job to make that change securely.  I suggest you ask your
ISP to point you to a secure formmail script that uses sendmail in that

Alternatively, you could use an SMTP relay instead of sendmail, via the

  $mailprog = 'SMTP:....';

feature (see README).