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and that collectives sustain the different paths. The collective has to be open for different ways to become affected which became the foundation of the theory of computation and computability. Turing showed that what we generally mean by computation could be satisfied by a theoretical machine that consisted of a tape of unlimited length with little square cells toys and computersas a universal without totality "and reactive behavior subsystems."" (Fujita 1998" only to be found in literature. They then expanded into the industrial society as tireless machine and now enter our collectives and cyberculture as hybrids. Hybrids are entities not belonging to any pure categories but are to be found in the space of hum but was makes AIBO different is that it is a state of the art technology with expansion possibilities backed up by Sony MUDs a Turing Machine can perform any operation that a contemporary computer can perform. It might not always work as fast as you would like which to a large degree has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. People refer to the Turing test as a test to decide if a machine is intelligent or not especially coming from people with a background in phenomenology is concerned with the notion of intentionality. For them symmetry is impossible something that is characteristic of the Linux operative system. These systems are truly non-modern by being open for ways to be affected. Turkle in her analysis seem to apply a singular point of view by only looking at the software dimension of computers