i was completely unaware about form processor and today i find your form processor FormMail.pl which give me not only my problem solution but also alot knowledle about these programmes. but unfortunately my host log file indication this ploblem deatil below.
"script not found or unable to stat" & secondly "Premature end of script headers" please help me out and give me the chance to thank you. and my website is www.theclaimsclinic.com/cgi-bin/formmail.pl

hope you will give me some useful informations and i don't know how to change my formail.pl to formmail.cgi and i don't know how to use that command and where. please guide me.

Your Sincerely,
Umar Khan
Punjab, Pakistan.
Cell: +92-300-7820805
E-mail: umarlhr@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.UmarOnline.tk

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