Disk Group data errors

  • Nigel Griffiths

    Nigel Griffiths - 2010-02-20

    David reported this problem when using GPFS
    I am pretty sure I have this fixed now but I would like a sample output file of the GPFS disks.
    This will include a snapshot of the /proc/diskstats

    Also useful would be the output when the GPFS disks are online from
    cat /proc/diskstats >before
    sleep 10
    cat /proc/diskstats > after

    and a copy of the disk-groups file you are using.

    Thanks Nigel

  • Nicholas Tang

    Nicholas Tang - 2010-12-13

    Hi, we've got machines running glusterfs and I'm not sure how to refer to them when putting together diskgroups.

    Here's a snipped of df -h:

    /dev/sdar3            1.4T  1.4T   23G  99% /disk45
    /dev/sdau3            1.4T  1.4T   22G  99% /disk48
    /dev/md1              239G   33G  206G  14% /srv2
    /dev/sdav3            1.4T   57G  1.3T   5% /disk1
    /dev/md0               60G   34G   27G  57% /fast
    /dev/md1              239G   33G  206G  14% /dns
    glusterfs              49T   48T  996G  98% /mnt/origin1
    glusterfs              49T   48T  281G 100% /mnt/origin2
    glusterfs              50T   49T  1.8T  97% /mnt/origin3

    As you can see, it's just referred to as "glusterfs".

    Any ideas?

    When I tried either of these:

    glusterfs glusterfs
    glusterfs2 origin1 origin2 origin3

    …it said there were 0 disks in either group.



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