Erik Squires - 2014-01-06

Hi Nigel,

Great stuff! Listen I really like Nmon, but I would like to make some enhancements to make it easier to use when inspecting Java applications, especially when multiple java apps are running which is pretty common with Hadoop related work.

What I'd like to do is to give users an option to parse the java arguments to try and find the jar or application name and display that instead of the command line itself. These can get pretty ugly. Something like Accumulo for instance, may have 4-6 different Java processes running each with very long command lines which may cut off the important bits from the screen.

I was looking at the arglist[] and I'm wondering if there's a particular reason it's separated from the process info? Also, and I only really know Linux and not very well, is there a reason you grab the args from 'ps' instead of /proc//cmdline ? I thought maybe this was for compatability reasons.