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NMock2 / News: Recent posts

NMock2: ReSharper Plugin for NMock2 available

If you are using JetBrains ReSharper then take a look at Intellisense for NMock2 ReSharper Plugin (, too. This plugin provides intellisense support when writing expectations as well as semantic checks of expectations.

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2009-05-29

NMock2: Release 2.0 Available

This is the official release containing the ability to mock classes.
After a two month phase of testing the Release Candidate 1 in live projects,
we're pretty sure the release will work well. Thanks to Peter we increased the
unit test coverage up to 97% of LOC. And we've also fixed another few bugs.

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2009-05-04

NMock2: RC1 Update

We just updated the distribution of NMock2 where we removed the unneeded Castle assemblies. They have been merged into the NMock2 assembly with ilmerge.

Happy Mocking
Your NMock2 development team

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2009-03-04

NMock2: RC1 Mocking Classes

As promised in December last year, we proudly present the ability of NMock2 to mock classes as easy as mocking interfaces.

To test and check out the new features, we just released the first release candidate.

Check out the new Acceptance Tests in the source code (we switched the solution and projects to VS2008).

Happy Mocking
Your NMock2 Team

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2009-02-18

NMock2: Release 1.2 - Mocking Classes coming soon

We present a new release 1.2 of NMock2:

We enhanced NMock2 with some new stuff and fixed some misbehaviors.

We are happy to hear from you either in the Forums or for feature requests.

BTW: We are currently investigating in a version with the capability of mocking classes... We'll keep you informed.

Happy Mocking
your NMock2 team

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2008-12-06

NMock2: Release 1.1 available

We have further improved NMock2 to support you better. Check out the new features we added to this release.

If you have any wishes or ideas, let us know under feature requests.

Happy Mocking
your NMock2 team

Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2008-08-30

NMock2: Release 1.0

The first version of NMock2 is finally released.

We look forward to your feedback.

Happy mocking
your NMock2 team

Posted by Urs Enzler 2008-05-28

NMock2 Reloaded

See announcement in the Wiki here


Posted by Thomas Weingartner 2007-12-22