On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Steve Freeman <steve@m3p.co.uk> wrote:
> If I can get consensus, my proposal is to move the source and
> community (nmock.org, SF>Nmock, & SF>NMock2) to codeplex because of
> its TFS integration.

I'm not clear. Does this imply that users of codeplex must have TFS
clients, or that they can use it and other clients if they want to?

Yeah, I kinda expect most people on the nmock dev lists would consider TFS a limitation, rather than a feature!

Basically though, Codeplex uses TFS for its source code management and bug tracking. TFS turned out to be such a turn off to the open-source community that Microsoft created a "bridge" that allows you to check out from TFS using a Subversion client. Since they did that there's no requirement for anyone to use TFS unless they want to and like the way it works.