Hey folks,

Philip would like to run the NMock project off Codeplex infrastructure, and shut down (or re-point) existing Sourceforge and nmock.org sites.

I'm not active on development on NMock and am still using an RC version in my day job. Would anyone object to Philip launching a Codeplex Nmock project? Once it's looking good we can do the sf.net / nmock.org re-point.


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From: Wolfe, Philip <WolfeP@fcsamerica.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 12:04 PM
Subject: NMock project
To: "mmason@thoughtworks.com" <mmason@thoughtworks.com>

Hi Mike,


(I think we have emailed once in the past.)


I have made some major updates to the NMock project.  I have taken the ideas from the http://moq.me framework and applied them to NMock.  Now all of the methods are overloaded with lambda expressions to make refactoring easier.  The v2 codebase was left untouched and v3 is completely backward compatible.  In fact, you can mix and match v2 and v3 syntax in the same tests.  I would be happy to share an alpha version of the code.


I would like to start version 3 of NMock at codeplex.  I would also like to get your thoughts of moving the community there as well.  In my mind this would involve shutting down the sourceforge site and updates or removal of the nmock.org site.  The goal is to have developers move to the new version and not get confused with previous versions that are no longer under development.


I look forward to hearing from you,


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