Hi all,


Please check out the sources from this zip file.  (I do not have a patch for the existing code because I am CVS stupid J)


The existing sources were left unchanged except for one small change in the Mockery class to make the private creation method, protected.


All of the new code is in the NMock3 project.  The code comments are half there.  Check out its usage in the UnitTests project.




If I can get consensus, my proposal is to move the source and community (nmock.org, SF>Nmock, & SF>NMock2) to codeplex because of its TFS integration.  It will start out in a beta status to get more feedback and then to release.


Related to Moq.me:

Currently that framework can’t track when an event is bound to a delegate.  This was a deal breaker for us and our presenter tests in our MVP pattern.  Not to mention, I LOVE the readability of NMock.  Developers will be drawn to stuff they understand.  Mocking is already hard enough.  If you can make it read like English, you will get more unit tests!




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Hi Everybody

A lot of people were confused about the current NMock project on sf.net, because we updated a lot of stuff in NMock2, also hosted on sf.net.

I would really appreciate the shutdown of NMock on sf.net.

@Philip: I would like to discuss your ideas (lambda, NMock3 and hosting on codeplex) with the other team members of NMock2, particularly with those who did the most development work. Do you have a patch to the NMock2 source-code, so we could see, what you have done so far? I will let you know, if I have news.


On 28.10.2009 16:41, Mike Mason wrote:

Hey folks,

Philip would like to run the NMock project off Codeplex infrastructure, and shut down (or re-point) existing Sourceforge and nmock.org sites.

I'm not active on development on NMock and am still using an RC version in my day job. Would anyone object to Philip launching a Codeplex Nmock project? Once it's looking good we can do the sf.net / nmock.org re-point.


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