I am an experience programmer but completely new to Natural Language Processing. I have done some reading but really not sure what I am looking for just yet. What I am hoping to do is take lines of ingredients and be able to break them up into Quantity, Measurement and Item. Not all lines would have a measurement really (such as 1 large egg).

Here are some examples of what I am hoping to be able to do:

1 Large Egg : Quantity - 1, Measurement - None, Item - Large Egg
2 Cups Sugar : Quantity - 2, Measurement - Cup, Item - Sugar
The peel of 2 Lemons - Quantity - 2, Measurement - None, Item - Lemon Peels

Basically I am just hoping someone can give me a few items I can research further to get started with this. I hope I am not stepping outside the intended use of the list.