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NLISP 0.8.1 Released

A small patch to clean up some warnings that snuck in and a fix for printing square matrices.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-11-17

NLISP 0.8.0 Released

Quite a number of improvements. The big one is that we now have GSL incorporated using the CFFI interface automatically generated by SWIG. This means we now have interpolation functions and many others to follow in the future. The .load and .save functions now can I/O in binary and unformatted text, with plans for support for NetCDF and HDF5. The .arefs reference now allows multidimensional arrays. Bug fixes are fully described in the Changelog.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-11-06

NLISP 0.7.2 released

A few improvements: support for x86-64 by Dmitry Gashinsky, audio file I/O support using libsndfile, printing of NLISP arrays is now much more intelligent about 3D and greater. The function .diff should be faster and less memory hungry than before.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-08-17

NLISP 0.7.1 released

This version now correctly works with asdf-install in most cases, corrects a plotting error message when a new window was started, adds .=, and make-narray which allows creating arrays with initial contents from a list.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-06-26

NLISP 0.7.0 Released

This update improves plotting, user operation, makes array indexing more general and improves portability.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-06-20

NLISP 0.6.2 released

A minor update to fix up some examples that were left behind in the plotting updates of 0.6.1.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-02-28

NLISP 0.6.1 released

The new version of NLISP, for numerical computing, matrix mathematics, plotting and file I/O has now been released. Major improvements are image plotting has been overhauled and several functions have been added.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-02-20

RSS feed of Subversion commits

A nifty way of keeping informed of subversion commits is via the RSS feed


Posted by Leigh Smith 2007-02-16

NLISP 0.5 Released

Added ASDF install support, explicit return types of arrays for operations such as floor, .find, diff, .aref supporting multiple array references and support for SBCL.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2006-09-25

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