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MacOSX version available for download

MacOSX version of njam-1.00 is available for download. There is a binary and xcode IDE project for people who like to build it from source. Thanx to Julian Mayer for all this.

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2004-03-18

Njam works on MorphOS

Njam is reported to work on MorphOS/ppc. The binary is available for download, thanx to LouiSe_Pegasos.

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-12-08

Njam works on MacOS X

As reported by Phillip Weissmann, Njam works on MacOS X operating system.

If anyone else has report that it works on his/her operating system which isn't listed here, please notify me

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-11-25

Version 1.00 is out

Windows and Linux binaries and source code are available.

BeOS binary and Windows .zip package are coming soon.

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-10-17

BeOS binary available for download

Contributed by Claus Windeler.
It can also be found at:

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-06-17

Networking works

Version 0.95 introduces networking support. Two to four players can play a deathmatch game.

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-06-10

Compilation with gcc 2.95 fixed

If you have problems compiling the game with gcc 2.95, please download the patch from download page (it's only about 30kB).

Posted by Milan Babuskov 2003-06-05